funny quotes

Quotes of LoveThe sweetest lines from some of
the most romantic poets and thinkers
the world has ever known.  Use them the
next time you're at a loss for words.
Quotes of LifeWords to the wise, and words to live
by, while we seek the answers to Life,
the universe et al., let us ponder these
clever observations.
Quotes of EvilAh, the evil that men do... 
Here we look at words about evil,
and the words of the evil. 
Sometimes, the evil do not know they are evil,
which brings us to question evil itself...
Not so cute, but it is the truth.
Quotes of IdiocyThey said it, we put it up there for you to see. 
Some of these words were uttered by
our illustrious leaders, others by those we
idolize from the world of sports
and entertainment.  Perhaps the lesson to
be learned here is to think before you speak.
Quotes of SadnessSometimes, in order to cheer up,
 it's nice to see there are others
 who are worse off,
 or at least feel the same as you do.

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